Namco makes spelling mistake on Naruto Powerful Shippuden box

Sigh.  First there was Resident Evil Revelations/Resident Evil Revelaitons where Capcom made a typo on the 3DS box art.  That was sad, but maybe a bit excusable considering it was the first such mistake for a game on the system.  But now Namco Bandai have made the exact same type of screw up, this time misspelling Naruto Powerful Shippuden on the game box!

Naruto Powerful Shippuden mistake

Yes, they called it Nartuo Powerful Shippuden.  Dear God it makes me wonder who does the proof reading at these companies. I mean come on.  First you have companies using box art taken from IGN complete with the watermark, and now two very different companies screw up their 3DS game box art by having typos in the titles?  What the heck is this?



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