Mystery New Game from Square Enix; Possibly Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 3DS?

Long title but accurate none the less, Square have released a new video/trailer and a teaser site for a mystery new game coming in future.  You can see the video below if you want to see what they’ve shown:

There’s some fairly nice looking character art there and supposedly some key words mentioned like ‘crystal’ and ‘summons’, implying it could be a sequel to the Crystal Chronicles games which were fairly popular in the last generation.  Then again, considering how both those words mentioned could easily be applied to any JRPG of the last decade, it could be just about anything.

Masaki Hirooka and Yusuke Naora are credited with the artwork for this game.  Their previous works include games like Final Fantasy VI and VII as well as Chrono Trigger, one Romancing Saga game and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.  That’s a very diverse and rather interesting portfolio they have between them, with all evidence suggesting this game is probably going to be an extremely good RPG.

Oh and yes I don’t technically know it’s a 3DS game.  But come on, it seems as good a guess as any given that JRPGs in general tend to do better on handheld consoles and that the Playstation Vita probably doesn’t yet have the level of sales required to support a blockbuster title.

Still, what do you think of this game?  I think it looks like it could be interesting enough, and we can never happen too many good RPGs.


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I myself (and one other member here, Kirby_Z) are hoping that it’s not Crystal Chronicles, but something like a new Final Fantasy Tactics. Because Final Fantasy Tactics A-2 was darn nifty on the DS, and an amped up version of that kind of game would be amazing (for me and Kirby_Z, at least… *shifty eyes*).

Joe Son
Joe Son

Clllyyyssstarrrdo Chlonicru!!!! New game senpai dayO!!!