More Shantae games coming in future?

As you may recall, Shantae is a fairly obscure platformer released back in the Game Boy Color days, with a more recent sequel made available on DSiWare fairly recently.  The games have become cult classics of sorts and quite a few people want a sequel for obvious reasons. Stands to reason that more games would be coming, right?

Well it turns out that’s the case.  Why WayForward’s CEO didn’t outright state a game title or any detailed information, a recent interview with him on the fan site Nintendojo has him say that the studio is most definitely working on a new Shantae game.  Here’s the direct quote:

Um, I mean, I wish I could say something specific, but we are working on it. Like I would expect to see it on, you know, Wii U, uh, it’s just, I don’t want to commit to a time because it always gets– even though we have been working on it, you know, like I said it gets pushed to the back burner, so um, originally we were hoping to have something for launch, but that’s clearly not going to happen. But yeah, Shantae is definitely in the works, and the last one, Risky’s Revenge, kind of left off on, like, a down note, so we have to address that, right? So yeah, definitely more Shantae, for sure.

That sounds pretty much like confirmation that a sequel’s in development to me.

So with that said, would you want a Shantae sequel on 3DS?  Did you buy/like Risky’s Revenge on Nintendo’s DSiWare service, and does the game deserve a sequel?



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