More Pokemon X and Y Rumours?

And what’s more, they’re from, a website which happened to leak almost all the information about Pokemon X and Y that we know so far before it was officially announced, meaning that I’m kind of optimistic that some of this might be true.  Here’s a break down of all the rumours from this ‘batch’:

Trusk is a Grass/Rock Pokemon with long green tusks coming from his mouth.  It has an adorable pre evolved form.

A Normal/Poison type Pokemon called Quillom exists, can be found in an early game forest area.  Has Poison type quill attack which causes damage with a high chance of poisoning.

Ghost type spider Pokemon can be found in caves, is dark grey with blue spots and multiple light blue eyes.  Might have an evolved form.

There’s a Ground type badger Pokemon with Slash and a new biting move.

Froakie’s final form is Water/Fighting, looks like a dart frog.

Bunnelby evolves into a Dark/Ground type rabbit, which can be found quite early on in cave areas.

Helioptile has an evolution, learns new attack called Thunder Wheel. Evolved form is bipedal.

Meowstic has a pre evo called Espurr, has no gender differentiation.

Chansey evolution line, Dunsparce, Clefairy line and Togepi line are now Fairy types.

New move called Fairy Dust exists, can cause either Poison, Burn, Paralysis or Sleep at random.

Wailer part of Super Training Facility games.

One of Team Flare’s members appear on TV at beginning of game, talks about fashion.  Their theme music has an eerie accordion sound in it.

Analogue stick can be used on title screen to change angle at which you see Xerneas or Yveltal.

Intro movie is in 3D, starts with Yveltal’s cry, you wake up, it shows your town, in game shots of your character doing stuff, Sycamore welcoming you, the Kanto starters mega evolving and Yveltal flying past the sun.  Team Flare appears.  Happens before title screen.

So those are the new rumours.  Are they real?  We don’t know, but to be honest… I put more faith in this Pokemon site being accurate with their rumours and speculation than any other one.  I mean, they did get a whole bunch right about X and Y before we knew much about the games at all.

Still, take it with a grain of salt, it could easily be fake as easily as it could be true.



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