More New Super Mario Bros 2 Footage; New Overview Trailer Released!

This one has some difficult to translate Japanese commentary in the background due to the fact it’s meant to talk about things like the coin rush mode, but it shows a huge amount of new footage of the game including more of the ghost house and numerous difficult new castle levels.  Let’s analyse it!

Well, we’ve all seen Boo Rings in Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros Wii, right?  Here’s their underwater equivalent, Fish Rings!  No seriously, circling Cheep Cheeps seem to be a new obstacle in this game.

Do the fish change facial expressions every few seconds like the ghosts?

There’s also those sinking Mushroom platforms found in New Super Mario Bros.  Better run quickly Mario!

However, next we have something I don’t think we have seen in the New Super Mario Bros series, boulder like spike balls rolling around snow levels.  They remind me of those metal spiky balls from New Super Mario Bros and its Wii successor, I assume these are the NSMB 2 palette swapped equivalent.

But the video is just getting started.  The real interesting additions to the game are to come.  After a short few words and clips showing the other modes…

We get the overworld!  It looks much the same as in New Super Mario Bros for DS, except much cleaner and more modern looking.  It’s nothing special, but it looks decent enough and it does its job just fine.

Why does the grass have lines going across it?  Did Bowser use a lawnmower again?

We also see the title screen, which now seems to have a coin counter on it.  No, the red line isn’t in game, that was added by the ‘special effects team’ presumably responsible for the video on Nintendo’s website.  But still, interesting to see the counter right there on the title screen.

Later, we see some new footage of Mario in a castle in Raccoon form.  Looks like we’ll need to do some flying in actual levels now, as in need to fly to beat some of them.  This exact example doesn’t look too hard (follow the blocks of floating money), but some of the later examples could be a different story.

After some footage showing footage of all the items from this game (Raccoon Leaf, Fire Flower, Mini and Mega Mushrooms) and pointless footage of various StreetPass features, we get some of our first footage of an underwater level in New Super Mario Bros 2!  Better get used to dodging lots of Bloopers…

Keep in mind these Bloopers aren’t just falling away here, they’re turning around and trying to hunt poor Mario down.  And there’s at least six on screen in the area to make your life a misery…

The next area puts lots of Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills with snake blocks…

If Raccoon Mario or Luigi fall, they’re not getting up again in one piece.

And hope you like dodging giant killer boulders in narrow underwater passages, because those are in this game.  Oh well, at least they one hit kill any enemy they come into contact with, like the poor Blooper in the video found out the hard way.

If you’re become increasingly convinced that this could be the hardest 2D Mario game in a while, you’re not the only one.  And the levels later in the video make it quite clear Nintendo is pulling no punches with the difficulty.  Thanks to the super guide being an option, the harder levels will annihilate you.  Period.

What the hell.  Is that an UNDERWATER spike gauntlet?  Yes, it’s an underwater tower/castle where you have to narrow dodge massive spike columns that constantly smash into each other.  I guess the blocks give you a clue about where to wait to avoid being crushed, but… this level looks hard.

And this one has Mini Mario Bullet hopping!

Looks like it’s become an accepted gameplay technique, since this area seems to require you to bounce off Bullet Bills to survive. Oh dear, another hellish level in the marking, who wants to bet people will complain this one’s too difficult online?

We also get more of the ghost house from the first trailer:

As you can see, it looks like a pretty tough ghost house to finish, set in a vertical tower or something and with stairs that drop off into nothing.  Also, am I the only one getting Super Mario World vibes from this game?  And even more from every video of it?

What the hell?  The Koopalings chase Mario in a castle level, in Bowser’s Koopa Clown Car?  That’s pretty awesome.  Apparently they shoot magic spells at him and stuff, which is a very nice idea for a castle gimmick if you ask me.  Is this the final castle?

And to end the ‘analysis’ of the video, here’s Mario and Luigi happily jumping around and collecting coins in a bonus level.

There’s also the first ever Japanese commercials for the game, which can be seen here:

As well as some pretty neat art of Reznor.  I think this is the first ever time the character has ever had official artwork of him, right?

Hopefully those videos should get people even more interested in buying New Super Mario Bros 2, or less skeptical about the game if they’re too stubborn to even consider it, since Nintendo seem to be amping the difficulty up and adding all kinds of interesting new level gimmicks in this title!

What do you think of the new trailers and artwork!


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