More Luigi’s Mansion 2 Info Coming Soon

It’ll obviously be alongside a ton of other news related to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games, but I plan to have a whole ton of new guides related to the game posted on here soon.  Such as my own personally written walkthrough for the game, a guide telling you how to deal with every possible situation in the secret missions and information on things like bonus games.

I also plan to have the entire game’s soundtrack available soon (as you may have guessed from the high amount of Luigi’s Mansion 2 related videos on the official Youtube channel).  This is actually harder than it seems given the sheer ridiculous amount of different variations and pieces of music the game has included.

Finally, I’m updating that Luigi’s Mansion 2 localisation changes article to cover some more stuff.  It’s nice to see the likes of Mario Wiki and The Cutting Room Floor wiki use it at a source, but the current version is in no way complete.

So yes, expect some more Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon related stuff soon.  Hopefully it’ll also be useful to people having trouble with the game and help them get past some of the more tricky sections.


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9 years ago

hey look at my channel I HAVE A GUIDE OF 3 STAR RANK MISSIONS