Monster Games’ New Project is Donkey Kong Country 3D?

Well here’s something interesting.  You know how people were speculating whether Retro Studios was behind the upcoming 3DS port of Donkey Kong Country Returns?  Well it seems like in reality they have nothing to do with it.  No, apparently Monster Games (the makers of the Excite Truck series and Pilotwings Resort) are the company behind the development.  Here’s a page from the Australian game classification board talking about it:

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Classification


Well, that’s another mystery solved, we now know what secret 3DS title Monster Games were apparently working on all this time.  Additionally, someone on another site (DK Vine) also figured that this is why everyone thought they were making a Diddy Kong Racing sequel.  Stupid, but if you’re somehow who talked about a game with the initials of DKCR and ended up missing a letter, it seems quite possible the guy you were mentioning it to thought you meant Diddy Kong Racing and passed it on!

Still, what do you think about this choice of developer for the 3DS Donkey Kong Country Returns port? Are you happy Monster Games are working on this title or do you wish they were working on an all original one instead?


Australian Game Rating for Donkey Kong Country Returns

Via My Nintendo News

2 thoughts on “Monster Games’ New Project is Donkey Kong Country 3D?”

  1. It’s strange… while it makes a lot more sense to bring games like Ocarina of Time to the 3DS so they can be enjoyed by a whole new generation and appreciated with enhanced graphics, DKCR is really too recent a release to already be getting a remake. Yet, I find myself getting excited for it despite myself. With the visual “layering” of the original, this game will look amazing in 3D, and like 2D platformers in general, this game really lends itself to being on a portable device. I think I will end up getting this and finally collect every puzzle piece and K-O-N-G in the game.

  2. Yea, you got a point. The N64 remakes made a lot of sense. Like Star Fox, Ocarina of Time, etc. Even Gamecube remakes would make a lot of sense. I was surprised by this. That they’re actually making a remake of a game that came out not even 3 years ago.
    I’m also kinda excited as well, DKCR was an amazing game, one of the best platformers I’ve played. I’d probably get the 3D remake, too.
    Also, it means that if they can make Wii Games on the 3DS then they can make GC games, more Wii games, and of course, Wii U games soon.(Like they’re doing with SSB4 Or Monster Hunter 3, etc.). I guess it’s like more hope for remakes of great games on Home consoles, except Portable and in 3D!

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