Miyamoto wants to make ‘super original’ Yoshi game

Right from his own mouth, comes this talk of how he hasn’t done much with the Yoshi series and wants to do something original with it.  Here’s the quote:

Not really.  I guess this year we’re working on a number of Yoshi games, but I myself haven’t done a whole lot with Yoshi recently; maybe I’ll make a super original Yoshi game.

Personally?  I’m hoping he finally does this sometime in the foreseeable future.  After all, when was the last game starring Yoshi that was actually handled by an inhouse Nintendo studio?  Yoshi’s Story on the Nintendo 64?  And when was the last ‘original’ Yoshi game?  Yoshi’s Island on the SNES?  Yeah, there’s certainly a lack of originality in that department, and the talk of Artoon’s spiritual successors being behind the 3DS Yoshi’s Island sequel only makes for more bad news in the future.


Above: This Topsy Turvy fake Bowser battle is a great illustration of/metaphor for Artoon/Arzest’s terrible production values.

So when will Miyamoto finally make his ‘super original’ Yoshi game?  And for that matter, who else wants to see an inhouse team actually tackle the series again rather than hand it off to Artoo/Arzest or whoever else happens to be the cheapest contractor around?