Miyamoto; Luigi’s Mansion wasn’t inspired by Ghostbusters

On the face of it, it seems like an easy connection to make.  You’ve got four ghost busting heroes running around a haunted skyscraper catching cartoony ghosts with vacuum cleaners.  Isn’t this similar to the basic set up in the Ghostbusters movies?

Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 6

Well according to Shigeru Miyamoto this is just a coincidence.  Here’s what he said about the similarities between Ghostbusters and the Luigi’s Mansion series:

Shigeru Miyamoto said:

I am a fan of “Ghostbusters.” That wasn’t the inspiration for the original “Luigi’s Mansion.” In fact, when we were developing the original “Luigi’s Mansion,” we were taking care as a team, even though that wasn’t our original inspiration, to make sure that people didn’t just assume that that was what we were trying to do.

Or to put it simply, it’s all just a big coincidence and that the team at Nintendo weren’t trying to make the games similar to Ghostbusters on purpose, to the extent they were trying to differentiate the original enough to not be accused of being a rip off.

So what do you think about all this?  Is the Luigi’s Mansion series similar enough to the Ghostbusters series in terms of basic concepts that you think they might have taken inspiration regardless, or is this all just a complete coincidence?


Miyamoto: Luigi’s Mansion wasn’t inspired by Ghostbusters – My Nintendo News