Missingno Glitch Kept in Pokemon Virtual Console Games

As people who’ve played the original Pokemon games back on their release date probably know, one of the best things about it was all the glitches that weren’t really supposed to be in the game. And out of those glitches, Missingno was the most notable. Seen as likely the first (or at least most notable) ‘unintentional’ character in a video game, Missingno was a glitchy block like creature that was findable via an often known bug in the game.


And for those who don’t remember what said bug was… well you basically spoke to the old man in Viridian City, watched him catch a Pokemon, then flew to Cinnabar Island and surfed up and down on the coastline until strange Pokemon appeared.  Like ‘random’ monsters at over level 100.  Or the Missingno and M glitch Pokemon. Sometimes, Missingno even had forms based on the fossils and ghosts found elsewhere in the game!

Aerodactyl Fossil (Missingno)

Kabutops Fossil (Missingno)

Ghost (Missingno)

But with the rerelease of the games on the 3DS Virtual Console, there was a few worries that the… more interesting aspects of the games would be cut.  That for some strange reason, Nintendo would decide to remove the glitches that made the generation 1 games so memorable.

Fortunately though, that’s not the case.  As you can see in this video from a French Youtuber, the Missingno glitch returns intact, complete with Missingno and M as catchable Pokemon in the same way as ever:

It also retains the ability to clone your items until you have more than 128 of whatever’s in the sixth slot.

So yeah, seems like these rereleases will keep in all the amusing bugs from the original games. Good news for anyone who liked the Mew glitch, Safari Zone glitch or Glitch City too I guess!


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