Miitopia Getting Nintendo Direct on November 5th

Well, this is a pretty short time between Directs! First we get an Animal Crossing one today, and now it turns out a dedicated Miitopia one is coming on November 5th!

When’s the last time you saw two Nintendo Directs in a week?

Either way, the Direct is Japan only and will be streamed at 8pm JST. Here’s a trailer for the Direct:


Yeah, they’ve got teaser videos for Nintendo Directs now. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it!

But hey, what do you think? Are you surprised we’re getting another Direct so soon?


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Link 70222
4 years ago

Interesting. I've never heard of Miitopia until now. I looked it up and a Mii rpg seems pretty cool. Actually it seems like that Streetpass game, but more detailed.

4 years ago

I'll keep an eye on it since I pretty much have the same idea as [USER=7]@Dark Young Link[/USER] regarding what the game is about. Haha.