Miis appear in Mario Kart 7 Grand Prix Cups Now?

Well, this is an unexpected turn up for the books.  I was just playing Mario Kart 7 like normal, chose the Lightning Cup and ended up with a friend’s Mii randomly appearing as one of the racers!

Is that even meant to happen?  Because nothing on Mario Wiki or GameFAQs says anything about it, and this wasn’t a custom Grand Prix, just the bog standard Lightning Cup one you choose in Single Player mode.  Yet there it was, some random person’s Mii racing along in last place and not really doing anything important.  Here are some pics to prove it:




As you can clearly see, there’s a Mii in last place in this Grand Prix cup, despite the fact it’s not set as a custom GP at all and is only one of the default cups you play in single player.

So how did this occur?  Are Miis meant to appear in single player at random?  Or did some random thing break that I didn’t know about?

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im pretty sure it happens when you meet this person through streetpass. i noticed this near the end of 2011 so its nothing new really…

Kevin Frei

Okay! Glad it happened to someone else, I am playing 100cc Mushroom cup right now and there’s a really tough Mii, “Will” who somehow keeps getting bob-ombs even though he’s in 2nd place, and gets random speed boosts as if he has a mushroom cheat or something!! Weird!!!!


Anyone know how to turn this off? There’s this one Mii in particular that keeps on spamming Bomb-Oms as if it was hacking