Mega Slowbro and Audino Revealed for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

All thanks to the one of the official websites for the game, namely the Korean one.  It posted updates for these Pokemon forms earlier today, and then quickly took them down afterwards when the site’s managers realised there was a  mistake.  None the less, here are the two new Mega Evos:

Mega Audino


Audino becomes a Normal/Fairy type when it Mega Evolves, getting the new ability Healer (aka able to heal an ally’s status conditions) and having its Defence and Special Defence raised.

Link to full Mega Audino page, archived from official site.

Mega Slowbro



Mega Slowbro on the other hand gets the new ability Shell Armour (you should be able to guess why), which protects it from Critical Hits.  Its Defence and Special Attack are raised.

Link to full Mega Slowbro page, archived from official site.

So those are the newest Mega Evolutions being revealed for the gen 6 games.  Are the designs decent?  Are the abilities and changes interesting?  Head inside and to the comments below, or to the Nintendo 3DS forums, to have your say!


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5 years ago

Wow Mega Slowbro is awful. And hilarious. He looks so terrified and like WTF. Mega Audino is actually pretty good and our first gen 5 mega! Still hoping for Mega Flygon. And also Milotic