Mega Man 2 hits 3DS eShop

It’s a game that’s obviously available on an awful lot of different video game platforms and that most people have likely already played by now, but I suppose if you want to play it on the move it’s coming to the Japanese eShop next week.

Not much to say here, the game’s a classic and will probably be just as good on 3DS, and it’s currently unknown whether it’ll be released on the system over here (by the looks of things, Capcom is rereleasing all their NES Mega Man games on the eShop one by one, so probably in a month or so).

Here are some likely completely pointless screenshots:

Everyone probably knows what stages/parts of the game the above screens depict, right?

Still, Mega Man 2 is coming to the eShop in Japan next week (next Wednesday, 8th August), and it’ll be coming to the US and European versions sometime in future.  It’s a good game, and I assume people will buy it.


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9 years ago

are you F****ing kidding me?! Why would they release megaman 2 FIRST?!?! f*** you nintendo. seriously.