Mega Magearna Leaked for Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Well, not so much leaked. More ‘quite clearly hinted at’, as the folks at Pokejungle have found out. Here’s their article about it:

Mega Magearna Leaked? – Pokejungle

So why are they believing Magearna might have been leaked for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Well, let’s go to the Japanese site for a minute. Namely, the Pokemon listing on the Pokemon Sun and Moon site.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon List

The Japanese Pokemon Sun and Moon List

As you can tell, the listing is broken up into various sections with headings. And one of those is very interesting indeed. Namely…


This word doesn’t mean much on its own. Indeed, if you actually translate it, it comes down to something like ‘Phantom Pokemon’. Or maybe ‘event Pokemon’. But it’s not the text we’re introduced in, it’s the HTML code. Why?

Because it says ‘mega’. As in ‘mega evolution’:

Mega Evo Reference in Code

That’s interesting. There are no Mega Evolutions that have been revealed in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the nearest equivalent (Wishiwashi) isn’t listed there at all. So it seems like Magearna is either getting a Mega Evolution, or being associated with a new mechanic with ‘mega’ in its name.

So it seems like we’ve either got a Diancie style situation (where an event Pokemon gets an actual Mega Evolution), or a Hoopa one (where an event Pokemon has a similar mechanic to power it up). Either way, it seems like something big might be coming in the future for Magearna.

But what do you think? Does this prove that Magearna ha a Mega Evolution coming in the future? Or is it just a coincidence made real by the site’s designers? Post your thoughts here or on social media today!


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