Mega Latias and Mega Latios confirmed in Pokemon X and Y?

Don’t take these as real just yet (it’s just a rumour so far), but it seems like there’s now a chance that Latias and Latios could well get Mega Evolved forms in Pokemon X and Y.  Yep, the same hacker who supposedly leaked the three event legendaries for this gen also used hacks to make Latias and Latios appear in Mega Form in the game, resulting in some interesting forms you can see below.

Mega Latias mega latios

As you can see, they both pretty much like identical (which makes me question the legitimacy here), but hey, I guess it could be real.  They are members of a legendary duo after all, and very similar in their base designs to boot.

But what’s really interesting is what this implies if the screens are real.

Namely that Pokemon not available in X and Y as is might be able to Mega Evolve with as of yet unfound Mega Stones.  And that powerful legendaries other than Mewtwo might also have Mega Evolutions to discover.  It makes me wonder what else might be lurking around in here, like a Mega Mew or a Mega Deoxys or Mega Genesect or even something stupid like Mega Kyogre or Mega Rayquaza.  Could we see many of the old gen legends get new forms that push them even further into ‘gamebreaker’ territory?

But what do you think?  Are these pictures real?  Do Latios and Latias really have Mega Evos?  And if so, what other old school legends will get the same?

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  1. Ultra fake, no megaevolution symbol.
    To mega evolve they have have to be trained Pokemon.
    2 different Pokemon fighting against a Fennikin with the same stats

      1. Yeah, pretty much this. Apparently the guy who got Dianzie, Volcanion and Hoopa to appear by hacking also hacked the game to get these two to appear.

        But hey, there is always a chance it could be fake. I mean, I have no idea whether that guy can use photoshop well or not.

        1. now it is time to get a new game they are in there
          maybe you should think twice before attacking people

    1. It does seem to be fake because of the lack of Mega symbols, but it is a back so you never know. I do have my doubts though.

    2. they who hack the game is true. the prove will on someday later.
      1. the diancie is officially released. also on the movie 17.
      2. mega latios and latias is officially released. it’s on pokemon oras not xy.
      3. there is some people in game that talked about hoopa. also the form of hoopa.
      4. …… no proove yet for volcanion.

  2. Guys, i think thats just a hack. its not like u see it in the game. so thats why there is no mega evo symbol or as someone said, battling fennekin with the same stats.

      1. I don’t understand why people are getting upset over the Fennekin having the same stats in both pictures

  3. I think there are more to it that we don’t know. the fact that these are all undisclosed. I’m sure gamefreak plans to use them for events or future movies. Notice how they always release movies and shortly follow up with it ingame for newer pokemon? I take it there’s going to be a movie with Latios and Latias for sure.

  4. You people are fucking retarded. I hate you so much, faggots.
    Smea is a well know member of the pokemon hacking community, so if he says it’s real, then it is.

    1. Not saying it isn’t real, but you’re pretty dumb yourself for buying into everything someone says. I think it’s real. But admittedly it’s lacking in information and I can see why someone would think this is fake.

  5. Let’s see… Two Mega Evolutions that, apart from this, we have nothing to confirm or deny, at Level 100 in a place that appears to be Santalune Forest. Being hacked to appear, that doesn’t really help much. The Mega Evolution sign isn’t there, but it could have something to do with Smea hacking them to appear, and that the mega Evolution sequence itself is what causes the sign to appear. And honestly, what reason would Smea have to lie? Having his entire reputation reconsidered by almost everyone and if proven fake losing all of what he worked so hard for? It seems a bit farfetch’d that he would put his reputation on the line for a few moments of fame. The fact that they look near identicaland the exact same party does point towards false claims, but still there is little to no reason why he would want to do this. Also, the howdoesthisw (his fennekin) could be holding a Smoke Ball to run away, or he could have just been hit by status moves until he managed to Flee (p.s. Judging by Lati@s movesets in Gen 5, they would naturally have 3 status moves at Level 100, and only one damaging). He could have even just restarted his game after taking the screenshot, so he could change it so the next time the other Mega Evo appeared.

    1. “It seems a bit farfetch’d that he would put his reputation on the line for a few moments of fame.”


      I see what you did there.

  6. It could be real as we don’t know how good this hacker is and they could have been made to appear like this in the wild like in older games e.g. Deoxys who could appear in any of its forms if using an action replay. Also just because the Fennekin is at level 10 doesn’t mean that the photos are photoshoped. He could have got into the battle and got the picture then turned the 3DS off and rebooted the game so he/she could battle the other one.

  7. Not judging real or fake on this just yet but as I have no prior knowledge of this hacker I have my doubts. My biggest concerns lie in the fact that the sprites for both megas are exactly the same right down to the eye color. I think if they were to get megas, Latias would at least be red and not blue. Also if you look at the Fennekin (not the stats the actual Pokemon) you will see that it is in the EXACT same position for both screen shots as well as the light and background of the battle being the EXACT same. The background, lighting, and Fennekin do not move, yet the “megas” appear to be moving. I doubt the authenticity of them, but I am not saying that they are not real.

  8. Looks more like a strange fusion if you ask me. Red + Blue = Purple, they look very similar etc. (Would also explain why there’s no DNA symbol, though they might still be because they’re hacked in.)

    I believe what Smea has posted and that these are real because of as another has said, he’s a well known person in the hacking community and these are good quality pics.

  9. If they actually do make old gen legends I would love to see lugia have one he was my all time favorite and if he got one tht would be amazing!!!

  10. less mega evolution more like mixed together, maybe something similar to DNA splicers? red+blue = purple and bigger jets. seems like one pulls power from the other and you get this.

  11. Everyone think about Pokémon which look similar such as Plusle and Minun they look very similar yet they are different Pokémon. It is the same with these Mega Evolutions. Latios and Latias Are very similar but they have different colors for their skin and eyes. It would make sense for them to look similar to each other, but if you look closely you can see the eyes are different as Mega Latias has yellow eyes and Mega Latios has red eyes. Also Mega Latias looks smaller than Mega Latios which is another thing these two have in common with Latios and Latias. But people shouldn’t start having a go at people for finding the data for something in a game just because it changes what it looks like. Look at Mega Mewtwo, people were not happy when someone said it was a form of Mewtwo but once they found out it was a Mega Evolution of Mewtwo people were much happier (Although some people were calling Mega Absol and Mega Lucario the Awakened Forms of the said Pokémon). They also wouldn’t be the only Gen 3 Mega Evolutions as well as there is Mega Evolutions of Absol, Mawile, Aggron, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Medichamp, Manectric and Banette so it would be a bad idea just to say that they are fake as soon as you saw them. This could also point to remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (Or Emerald even) as they are yet to be remade. And you never know with Pokémon what will happen with the ones you love as there could be a Mega Swampert and Mega Sceptile hidden in the coding of X and y.

  12. I could believe this possible mega-evolution, or rather another “spliced” pokemon.
    Considering Kyurem can combine with either Zekrom or Reshiram, perhaps Latios and Latias can do the same with eachother.
    Now, logically Red + Blue = Purple, they are purple.
    I do want to propose another theory. This could actually be a new legendary installation, but mistook for mega evolutions. Maybe a 3rd Jet-like legendary.
    Sort of like land (Groudon), water (Kyogre), and sky/air (Rayquaza).
    This “new” pokemon looks faster and stronger than both Latias and Latios, which could be reason for that theory.
    But, what do I know, I’m just a player.

  13. i think maybe it us a mega.maybe latios or latias(1 of them) turns into the stone which makes de other mega evolve.maybe it changes the soul dew.this incorporates the idea of bith a mega and fusion in a way

  14. I think Mega Genesect is real. If you go to the fossil building with a Genesect, supposably you will get a Genesectite.

    1. Yeah, there was that guy asking about Genesect… Now I am more anxious for Pokemon Bank/ Transfer!

    2. Actually, I think that’s the Drives.

      How mad would people be if they couldn’t use a Techno Blast of any type other than Normal?

  15. I think that maby you have to fuse latios and latias, maby nor not a mega evolution cause there is not a mega sign next to its name. I also think that it is fused because latias is red, latios is blue, so they fuse and become…. you guessed it! purple! Thats why they both look the same. You might also have the choice to have 1 of the 2 to be the dominant one due to their different eye color and names. Due to the domination, the dominant one might have the that specific ability that changed due to the fuse,mega evolution. The dominant one might also get his/her moveset or 1/2 1/2 with the first one and the second move of 1 and the 3rd and 4th move is the other one’s. so this could be like white/black kurum, or a more comlexed one, or just completely similar but separate mega evolutions

  16. They’d better be fake! If Nintendo, Pokemon, AND/OR GameFreak touch my Latias I’m gonna be sooo mad.

  17. It’s interesting how they look so similar.

    It’s possibly not a Mega Evolution, and rather a fusion. But maybe it is a Mega Evo. If that’s the case, it is possible that X/Y will be given a patch to make them different colours later, with the purple just being a placeholder for an animated skin or something.

  18. another way to tell them apart(megas)is if you say you mega evolve them and they look exactly alike i see comments here who see differences i havent seen this one though:latios has its head up latias is in a dashing look staright forward so thats 1 difference

  19. When you consider pokemon, wild or not, can’t mega evolve on their own, and The fact that our blue and white friend has no mega-evolution symbol leads me to believe that this maybe fake. if there is an item image in-game of either Latiosite or Latiasite (if that is the name of their respective megastones) then the chances of this being true skyrockets. I Guess only time will tell when the pokemon company will feed us starving fanboys more Pokeawesome. (Eggoraptor)

    1. latias is always female, latios is always male. i have actually seen mega latias in battle, ive seen Gian use it on a twitch stream look up giancarloparimango11

  20. Where would the mega stones be anyway?
    I am playing pokemon x right now, and I have all the mega stones with their mega pokemon (even from pokemon y) nd I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a Lationite or a Latianite

    1. this is used by hacker so they can found hidden item and pokemon on the game.
      well if you want it now you can. it’s on pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire! (OR get latios and AS get latias)

  21. Well, since this is a hack, we can’t be sure they are M-Evos yet, since the mega sign only appears when it (the pokemon) mega evolves. It would be wierd if this was actually a buff to SOUL DEW, since that seems like the only valid option other than the mega sign not appearing if a wild one appears. Consider the possibilities to Soul Dew.

  22. Oh my god. seriously? Why do people hack to find certain pokemon? why can’t they do it like anyone else?

  23. How the hell would Mega Kyogre, Mega Groudon and Mega Rayquaza be stupid? Those would awesome. What do you think is a good idea? Mega Deoxys and Genesect. Y’know, Deoxys, the guy who already has 4 forms? And Mega Genesect is just… No.

    1. yay they all are real! (groudon kyogre and rayquaza) but groudon and kyogre has primal reversion instead of mega evolution

  24. Does anyone not notice that in actual gameplay, Mega Evolved Pokemon have a little DNA icon instead of “Lv.”?

    These don’t.

    1. when 1 mega evolve of legendary is released so long not meaning there will no mega evolved legendary again.

  25. The question now is, should I migrate my Latias or Latios over to Kalos? Since they have been given Mega Evolutions, it is likely that there will be event releases for the two, with Mega Stones attached to them.

    1. there is latias and latios on pokemon oras now. or= latios as= latias. so migrate your latias to omega ruby or migrate your latios to alpha sapphire

      1. I refuse to buy ORAS. Just like I refuse to buy Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, FireRed/LeafGreen, Emerald, Platinum, HGSS, and B2W2. It would just revolve around collecting all the same Pokemon all over again in the same generation.

  26. It could be a new pokemon entirely,I remember a while ago we heard pokemon was gonna add a pokemon called gale,and it would become a latios/latias type pokemon,maybe they protected it from hackers to make it look like a mega of latios & latias,then bam,a green and gold super strong pokemon called gale gets released in a new update

  27. Im pretty convinced its real. If you look reeeeeally closely, Latias’s eyes are yellow while Latios’s are red. This takes away the argument of their same design implicating fakeness. Plus, there have been numerous videos made with them alongside Diance and Eternal Form Floette, and they look pretty legit in them. Both Diancie and Floette-E were released. Coincidence? (Heres a link btw)

    Plus Latios is my 3rd favorite Pokemon. This would be the coolest mega in my opinion if it was legit. Please be legit.

  28. i think it is fake because there is no mega symbol, and look at that Fennekin. the exp is still the same WHO WOULD RUN FROM A LEGENDARY?!?!

  29. Yeah… True probably and fake probably… There´s two opinions:

    True: Because Nintendo actually has said that latios and latias would have their mega evolutions, and because I´ve actually battle a guy using a mega latios (it is green) and, really, it isn´t that powerfull (it was 100% hp and my darkrai used dark pulse and its KO).

    Fake: Because the Nintendo website wasn´t saying that in the last update a new mega evolution would appear, they even talk about it, they even talk about a NEW THING (like items…) on the update. The announcement was like that:
    NEW UPDATE FOR POKÉMON X/Y VERSION 1.2 (or whatever number it is…). But all that i´m saying is only a theory, like all that people that post someothing on tht site, is a SUGESTION. Hope you like what i have said!

  30. i think we should be able to catch Diance,Volcanion and Hoopa throughout the game as legends instead of events in the game because nobody might know about the events tell me when??? plzzzzz!!!

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  32. i looked it up its because game freak already thinks soul dew overpowered and so it loses 20 max iv from soul dew but still makes it 700 total iv instead of soul dew 720 total iv

  33. there is a new game coming out alpha sapphire and omega ruby.
    latias can be found in alpha
    latios can be found in omega
    the following pokemon have mega forms in the new pokemon game

  34. My friend has three shiny of each of these, all with mega stones. Are these stones even released yet? Or is he just a hacker?

  35. This is clearly fake. Latios and Latias would maintain different appearances while mega evolved but in these pictures they would appear to become the same Pokemon.

  36. wow guys…. WOW! this rumour/hack is real! i think this is not real in 1 years ago. but now there is pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire and has mega latios and latias! first i don’t believe this but still possible… BUT NOW IT’S REAL!!!!!

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