Mega Gengar Proven to be Broken, Banned by Smogon

A short while ago, before Pokemon X and Y were released this October, I wrote a rather controversial article about how Mega Gengar could be the big game breaker of the generation.  But while some people in the comments disagreed, it seems like now the competitive Pokemon community has seemingly though the same thing, with Smogon quick banning Gengarite from the Overused tier.

Here’s the announcement over there:

So what does it mean?  It means that Mega Gengar is classed as too ‘good’ for the standard metagame (thanks to a mixture of its high stats, countering and trapping abilities) and is now only usable in Ubers alongside other overly ‘broken’ newcomers Xerneas, Yveltal and both forms of Mega Mewtwo.

Either way, it’s now pretty much official.  Mega Gengar is seen as a game breaker, and even the competitive multiplayer community see it as too overpowered.

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Lol I remembered that article, now I’m laughing at the people who thought it wasn’t broken XD. But anyways I’ve faced a few Mega Gengars (before it was banned) and let me tell you, when people use him right, it can wreck your team!

Michael Ngo

Too bad it’s NOT banned because smogon will NEVER get the final saying.

kamrom dechu

I don’t think I’ve ever lost a match against Mega Gengar. I really don’t see the big deal, to be honest.

…Please ignore the fact that my avatar and favorite pokemon is Sableye. This makes no difference in my opinion.

Miguel Hernandez

meh, it’s only a “threat” if u battle like a smogon~


Not really, it’s always a threat if you don’t use it like a moron.

Also, it’s funny how the poster tries to take some credit for calling this, it was patently obvious when we first got to see its stats and ability that it was going to be ban worthy. Gengar with a better ability and even more awesome stats was always going to be broken.

Trainer Jermaine

Really? My Timid jolteon has murdered MG Gengar with a life orbed shadow ball. My lucario with a +2 shadow claw, and don’t get me started on ANYTHING that has Sucker Punch.


The threat is that mega-gengar can PICK and CHOOSE who it comes in against. even in ubers, it’s pretty broken. yes, sucker punch is a thing, but mega gengar can switch out. the opponent can’t. (cough shadow tag cough) if ev’d correctly, mega gengar can survive a moonblast from a +2 xerneas and destiny bond it, forcing it to either use geomancy (and die to taunt dbond) or attack and die to dbond. that’s just one example. and unless it’s completely gimicky, not many things even in ubers can take on a xerneas who’s used geomancy +power herb.

Sinnii Armzendlegz

Please. Stop talking about Smogon as if they are the official competitive scene. The only official competitive rules are those developed by the developers at Gamefreak. Smogon can be as popular as it can ever be, and it is still nothing but a group of fans creating rules for their fanclub.

Any bans that Smogon makes apply only to those within their circles, to those that choose to adhere to those rules. Their ban of MegaGar is anything but ‘Official’.


I break as many of their ‘rules’ as possible. No one needs to listen to these asshats why should we let them tell us how our games?

Mega Genar326

Just because that he has those type of details, dont mean that they shouldn’t have gotten rid of him. Ya he may be a tank and all but, it honestly doesn’t really fit the situation why they did it.