Massive Glitch Found in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

The game may not even be out in some regions, but that doesn’t stop glitches from being found in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam.  But this is no ordinary bug.  Put simply, this is perhaps the most important glitch in the entire game, and a possible way to sequence break the thing like never thought possible.  Here it is, courtesy of someone on Youtube called KWZeroLP:

It’s pretty simple, you just jump around on the edge of a ledge til you’re in the right place, then use Trio Grab to run around in thin air.  If it’s done correctly, Mario and co end up standing on water off to the side of the mission area, and are free to go wherever they want there.  If you’re unlucky, you can get stuck on a bridge:

But that’s not the interesting part.  You see, if you’re in Trio Grab form and walk towards the bridge, you get warped on top of it.  And when that happens?

The game gets really, REALLY confused.  You see, you’re technically playing a mission (read, sidequest).  But now you’re also out and about on the main world map.  The result?  Things don’t really work like they’re supposed to be.   You can see this in action in this video:

Some interesting things include:

Your moveset getting cut in half, with no way to switch back.  This means you can’t use Paper Mario’s plane form, nor dig underground for things.  You can very easily get ‘trapped’ at this point.

The game outright crashing to a black screen if you try and start a new mission in the Lakitu Info Centre.  Trying to go all Inception on the mission system is apparently too much for the game’s engine to handle.

Various random obstacles appearing, like barriers and fences to keep you in mission areas.

The Toads and mission structure and music actually vanishing and the world returning to its non mission state… while you’re still technically playing the mission.  The result?  You can’t beat the mission at this point, it’s unwinnable.

No save feature, since the option is replaced with a way to ‘return to the area before the sidequest’.  Probably a good thing, given how unstable most of the game likely is in this state, and how you don’t want to brick the save file.

The game possibly acting like it’s in its ‘lategame’ state rather than the one you left in it.  Paper scenery is there, Neo Bowser Castle seems to be there, etc.  It’s possible that this glitch might provide a way to skip half the game.

A really weird situation after the credits.  Basically, the final boss and ending/credits play out as normal, but instead of a results screen, you get… this:

Basically, Mario and co are now invisible, and trapped in the Info Centre with no way out.  Save the game here?  Then you my friend, have a bricked save file.  So don’t do that, unless you have a backup handy.

Either way, this is perhaps the most interesting glitch ever to be found in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, since it lets you play through the rest of the game in a state similar to that of the Beta Quest in the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.  It’s like the ‘play without Luigi’ one in the game’s predecessor, except a lot more stable and fun to mess around.

But what do you think?  Is this an awesome glitch, and one that has a lot of possibilities for speedrunners and the likes?  Or do you think we might get even better glitches found once the game is finally released in North America?


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5 years ago

Can anyone explain why everything on this game is available and now being glitched and the game isn't out here yet? Kind of crazy really.