Mario Tennis Open Article in Nintendo Power shows interesting stuff

Such as a few potentially quite interesting courts to play on.  Here’s the full magazine article about the game:

First things first, it seems there’s a Donkey Kong themed level (as seen at the top right of the page), and it even seems to have various references to Donkey Kong Country Returns like the tiki enmies in the background and DK’s Treehouse! Have to say it’s quite cool how Nintendo actually seems to be paying attention to the series for once and not just slapping DK’s name and logo on a completely generic ice or jungle level.

Other things of note include the space screenshot to the bottom left of the second page.  It’s hard to see it properly, but is this potentially a Super Mario Galaxy themed tennis court?  Looks to be so.

There’s also what looks like a desert/mountain themed court in the picture with Luigi playing, with various Koopas standing around and what looks like an old style desert in the background.

Finally, seems like Boo will be playable character since he’s shown at the bottom right.  Guess that implies this game will have a decent amount of playable characters like the last few games did.

Still, Mario Tennis Open is looking pretty good from these screenshots, and looks like it’ll be one of the best Mario spinoffs in quite a while.


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