Mario Party Star Rush Now Has Great Box Art!

No really. Have a look at this interesting box art and tell me it doesn’t look good for a Mario Party game:

Star Rush Box Art

I mean, King Bob-omb and Petey Piranha are on the box art? All the different characters have unique renders? And they all seem to actually be doing something interesting this time around?

That’s a pretty big step up for a Mario spinoff. And what’s more, Mario Party Star Rush itself used to look nowhere near as good as this either. That one used the same artwork as a box of Mario Spaghetti Os!

Mario Party Star Rush's box art is from a can of spaghettios

Either way, Mario Party Star Rush now has a great new cover with a creative and original design to it. Thank you Nintendo, thanks for realising how lazy the original box design was!


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To be fair, the first one could've been a place holder. Either, I'm a little excited for this. I mean I personally like Mario Party 9 and I'm trying to enjoy Mario Party 10, but it's hard to play it by yourself. The amount of luck based stuff is stupid and I swear the AI cheats.

It also looks a ton better than Island Tour. Hopefully this one will have a story.