Mario Party Star Rush Announced for 3DS

Have you ever wanted a new Mario Party game for 3DS? Thought that Island Tour was a bit crap and needed an alternative?

Well, you might be in luck. A new Mario Party called Mario Party Star Rush has been announced for the 3DS console, and will be released on November 4th 2016. Apparently, everyone moves at once instead of waiting their own turn this time around.

But is it worth it?

Well, maybe. If everyone moves at once, that means the car mechanic can’t return by default. After all, how can you all move at the same time in the same vehicle? You can’t, it’s physically impossible!

So while Mario Party fans might not like the idea of not having turns in the traditional sense, it may at least provide another Mario Party game without car mechanics and open the possibility of less linear boards as well.

Or it could end up like Island Tour with a bunch of straight lines everyone navigates on their own. Yeah, guess that might be more likely.

Either way, it’ll be shown in the Treehouse livestream tomorrow. Are you excited for the game?


Mario Party: Star Rush announced for 3DS, due out Nov. 4th – GoNintendo


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Link 70222
5 years ago

I need more info to make an actual judgement, but hey, I've been in a Mario Party mood lately and Island Tour didn't cut it for me.

5 years ago

I rather they just remake the first three games into one, keep it updated with DLC.