Mario Parody Kill the Plumber Rejected from iOS App Store?

Over on the iOS app store, clones and blatant rip offs of Nintendo titles are not particularly rare.  Some use art from Nintendo titles, like Era’s Adventures or the infamous Mole Kart.  A few are just close enough to the Mario series or the Zelda series or the Pokemon series to get Nintendo’s attention, like the now retooled ‘Super Lep World’.

Strangely enough, most of them seem to get through just fine.  Like when it comes to rip offs, Apple’s quality control is approximately zero.

And then, in a weird case of potential double standards, the one obvious ‘parody’ type game based on the Mario series gets rejected. Behold Kill the Plumber, a strange take on the Mario series where the obvious Mario stand in has to be killed by the enemies the player is using as a weapon:

It’s an interesting twist on the formula really, a ‘reverse platformer’ if you will.

And yet somehow, this was the title that Apple rejected on ‘copyright’ grounds.  That obvious Mario Kart ripoff that stole entire tracks from Mario Kart Wii?  Only took that down when Nintendo threatened to sue. Those 3D Land Safari titles, that were clearly trying to copy Super Mario 3D Land? Oh that’s fine apparently, despite very obviously being attempts to sell a shoddily made Mario clone on the app store.

Meanwhile, the one game that’s both a bit of a rip off and an obvious parody (and which actually has some semblance of originality) in the concept is the one Apple rejects off the bat.  Seems kind of strange if you ask us, especially given the service’s open door policy when it comes to giving a damn about stolen content.

What do you think of this game and its removal from the app store?

Kill the Plumber Yanked from App Store due to Copyright Infringement – GoNintendo


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