Mario & Luigi Dream Team; New Trailer!

Want even more of an incentive to buy Mario & Luigi Dream Team when it comes out in a month or so?  Well here’s a fantastic new trailer that Nintendo made available only earlier today, showing tons of the game in all its awesome glory:

Really, it looks incredible.  The huge and varied open world you explore with your traditional Bros abilities, the surreal looking dreamscape and all its strange physics, the fun looking battles with enemies… Mario & Luigi Dream Team seems like it truly will be one of the best Mario games in recent years.

And what’s more, it actually does new things with the series.  Hear that Nintendo developers?  While you lot have been attached to your traditional flagpole ended linear stages and retro throwbacks, AlphaDream here have created a whole new location with tons of new characters, clever new gameplay mechanics and things that are actually interesting.

This is what a good Mario game should be like.