Mario & Luigi Dream Team; More Sample Music

Here’s some more sample music, taken from the official website.  Now, I have no idea where any of these themes are really used in game or what they’re officially called (I don’t speak any Japanese, and the final theme on the music page is just called ‘????’), but they’re all pretty good pieces in music regardless.  So here they are:

The first one is an interesting theme.  Seems like it could work in either a sombre, somewhat depressing situation or a tense one right before the end of the world.  Not often you hear music that can work in two very distinct places/situations like that.

But the next piece of music is a bit more upbeat.  With a generally peppy and happy feel to the whole thing, it sounds like a theme that could work in either a mountain or beach themed area.  Probably the latter given how closely it reminds me of the Oho Oasis theme from Superstar Saga or the Plack Beach theme from Bowser’s Inside Story.

Finally, you’ve got this depressing theme.  I think it might be played in the dream world or something.

And there you have it, some more awesome music from Mario & Luigi Dream Team!  It’s already shaping up to have one of the best soundtracks of all time in my opinion, with the music being surprisingly good even for the Mario & Luigi series!

What do you think of all this music?


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