Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

It’s a crossover that no one dreamed possible!

Yes, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is a full blown crossover between the Mario & Luigi series and the Paper Mario series.

With Paper Mario jumping of a book into the world of the Mario & Luigi series, Mario & Luigi have to team up with Mario’s paper counterpart to take down a two Bowser villain team and save both worlds.

The gameplay seems to be a pretty good mix of both titles too, with Paper Mario’s abilities involving his plane and boat transformations from Thousand Year Door and normal Mario/Luigi having traditional Bros Attacks and abilities.  There’s also the 3D style chase sequences from Dream Team, as well as a weird giant battle type scenario where the Marios ride a giant papercraft version of Mario and square off against equally large papery monsters from Bowser’s evil army!

Here are some pieces of artwork for the game:


As well as some screenshots nicked from the fact sheet:

papercraftmario Weirdmapscreen vspetey2 vspetey1

And a trailer:

So what do we think of the game?  Well, we’re optimistic.  The idea’s great, Bowser’s personality seems to be back from the original Paper Mario series and there are tons and tons of opportunities to make this game absolutely amazing. And the battle systems do look incredible, which is a definite step up from the horrible system that was the battles in Sticker Star.

The only worries we have are that it’s a bit too generic so far.  Lots of Bowser minions and characters from typical Mario games instead of those from the RPGs we all know and love.  Hopefully this doesn’t follow Sticker Star’s lead of making the world too ‘NSMB’ like and remembers to introduce all kinds of interesting new faces from both RPG franchises.  Massif Bros and Rawk Hawk together?  Please?

What do you think of Mario & Luigi Paper Jam?


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