Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros Releasing December 4th!

Or for those who aren’t from Europe, it’s Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, the new Mario & Luigi RPG where characters from the Paper Mario series appear in crossover form.  We just seem to like adding ‘bros’ to the end of game titles for whatever reason (Mario & Luigi Dream Team was called Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros for example).

But regardless of the weird name change, the game now has a European launch date, and that’s December 4th 2015.  This is about all the proof you should ever need:

It’s also being released in Australia on December 10th.

So what can we say? Well, we’re a bit worried that the game’s been rushed given how lacklustre the characters and setting look now, and we do worry that Sticker Star’s awfulness has infested the rest of the Mario RPGs as well, but… Mario & Luigi Dream Team was also launched earlier in Europe, so there is at least some form of precedent when it comes to us getting these games before the American Nintendo fans do.

What do you think about Mario & Luigi Paper Jam and how Europe is getting it months before the US and Canada?


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