Mario & Luigi Dream Team 3DS Bundle coming December 2nd?

Well, it’s apparently been spotted in a Walmart backroom ready to go on sale, so I guess there’s pretty good evidence this is going to be the case.  It’s  a silver Luigi edition 3DS XL with Mario & Luigi Dream Team already installed on the system as a digital game.

Want to see a picture of what it looks like?  Hear my general thoughts on it?  Keep reading the full article after the break!

Dream Team 3DS XL Bundle

That’s what it looks like.  So it’s a pretty nice console design.  And it should now be obvious to everyone that Mario & Luigi Dream Team is one of the games on the system, so getting that game included is a nice freebie.

But hey, I guess it depends on what you want. Don’t own a 3DS and want a decent game to go with it? This bundle seems a pretty good one to start with.  Otherwise, don’t bother with any bundles, it’s not worth paying a ton of money for a new system if you already own the darn thing with merely a slightly different design as the only difference.



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8 years ago

I like its nice simple design. I think it kinda looks like a Christmas ornament.