Mario Kart the best Multiplayer Game Ever?

No, that’s not me trying to hype up the series and acting like a Nintendo fanboy about it, it’s the results of a recent poll by the website Digitalspy.  Yes, they ran a recent survey of their readers and 40% of them voted that Mario Kart was the best game to play with friends and family.

Now, it may not seem particularly much, and some may say this is like a politician winning while not getting most votes since his competitors didn’t get enough people voting for them individually, but Mario did win by a large margin.  Basically, the only other games that got more than 10% of the votes in the poll were GoldenEye and Super Smash Bros, with Fifa and Bomberman following behind with even less.

So what does everyone think of this?  I have to admit I’m a bit shocked that no ‘modern’ First Person Shooters were listed at all in the top few results, like Call of Duty or Halo (especially considering that Digitalspy is a UK based site and the former is pretty popular among kids over here), but I guess the nostalgic value of Mario Kart 64 and the popularity of the other titles helped it top the list.

Do you think Mario Kart is the best multiplayer game/series ever?



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