Mario Kart at 9000cc; an interesting Mario Kart 7 Mod

Been playing Mario Kart 8 recently and thought 200c was fast?

Wondered how much closer to F-Zero speed the franchise could get?

Well, thanks to this interesting hack by mariohack&glitch, now you can see for yourself.  Because he’s come up with an interesting code that ups the speed of the game to roughly 9000cc.  In other words, it’s Mario Kart where the vehicles have a jet engine hastily strapped on the back and all control is pretty much nonexistent.  Here’s a video showing it in action:

As you’ve probably figured out, this is just insanity.  The kart doesn’t so much move where it’s supposed to as much as simply wherever the hell it feels like going.  The walls?  Don’t really do a whole lot of good here, since the game’s collision detection just collapses when something smashes into a solid object at around the speed of sound.  And the acceleration is pretty much completely instant; you’re either racing off the road or at a standstill with nothing in between.

It’s just a shame this code doesn’t exist in Mario Kart 8, or that it hasn’t been released.  I mean, want to see real anarchy? Imagine 12 players racing around Baby Park at this speed.  It’d be less like a game of go karting as much as the world’s craziest version of vehicular pinball!

What do you think of this crazy awesome mod?



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