Mario Kart 7 Custom Track; Wario’s Gold Mine

It’s not often you get to see a custom track for Mario Kart 7, and its even less so that it’s actually a halfway decent one!  But that’s what we’ve got today, with this port of Wario’s Gold Mine to Mario Kart 7, courtesy of Youtube user TheZoroark007.  Here’s a video:

So what can we say? Well… we’re impressed so far.  With the exception of the mine carts and bats not being there yet, and the character facing the wrong way when put down by Lakitu after fallng, it’s actually an extremely accurate replica of the original stage.  Indeed, if Mario Kart retro tracks were still being remade like in Mario Kart Super Circuit (where obstacles are cut out altogether), this would actually be 100% complete.

But what do you think?  Is this an impressive Mario Kart 7 custom track?


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6 years ago

I think it is impressive. Thanks for sharing. I hope the team can finish this port of the track successfully.Great choice of track to convert too. 🙂