Mario & Luigi Dream Team; An Interesting Glitch Compilation!

A video about glitches in a Mario & Luigi game? That’s probably something to do with Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, isn’t it? After all, that’s the game where everyone can go off on their own. Where battles can be won by dying. Where going out of bounds is simpler than taking candy from a baby…

Wait, it’s not about Mario & Luigi Paper Jam?

Nope! This interesting new video by Youtube user Aurum (in his ‘What a Glitch’ series) is about the various bugs in Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Paper Jam’s supposedly more stable predecessor. But as we soon discover, this game is certainly not much less glitchy than its successor!

So that said, what’s interesting in this video? Well, the amount of ways you can go out of bounds in Mushrise Park for one thing. Okay, I always knew you could go out of bounds there, since a certain glitch in that area was extremely popular when the game was fairly new. But here you’ve got the bros jumping into hedges, walking through walls near signs, getting hammers early… Seems like the park is one of the buggiest areas in the game, at least as far as collision detection goes! The Mount Pajamaja bugs are quite cool too, though I was surprised that you needed to know the spin jump move to learn the side drill one.

There’s also a comment about how you probably shouldn’t save out of bounds because your save file could be toast. Now admittedly, that’s not quite accurate. Indeed, you really can get Luigi back by going to the right spot, since he’ll reappear as if catapulted from a Slingshroom.

Unfortunately, there are indeed ways to get messed up here. Like, having both characters at normal size in the Mini Mario only area. How do I know this? Because I screwed up a level 100 save file by doing just that… then saving the game:

Above: Don’t do this. I was a complete idiot.

So you can save out of bounds, just use your brain a bit and don’t save the game in an unwinnable location. Or play Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, it’s so utterly broken that every room in the game has at least one handy out of bounds glitch to act as an escape rope!

But hey, enough of this rambling. If you like the Mario & Luigi series, or you want another reason to play Mario & Luigi Dream Team, then watch this video and try out some of the glitches yourself. It’s definitely worth it!