Mario Golf World Tour DLC; New Screenshots!

Want to see what Nabbit, Rosalina and Toadette look like in action?  What characters and courses are included in each DLC pack?  If so, head past the break and keep reading, since we have a freak ton of awesome screenshots for you Mario Golf fans!

Let’s start with what’s in each DLC pack.  Basically, there are three you can buy.  One has Toadette…


And includes two courses, one that’s a grass land level and one with the Paratroopa balloon shown earlier.

The next, has Nabbit…


Alongside the desert and ocean themed courses.  Fair enough.

And to cap it off, the final one… wait for it…


Has Rosalina, along with the mountain and space themed golf courses.  You can probably spot a sort of ‘theme’ to the levels each character comes with here.

Oh, and if you want to buy them all at once, apparently Nintendo’s included an option there too…


Apparently, doing this (or buying all three seperately) then gives you Gold Mario.  A comment on Nintendo’s motivations?  A play on New Super Mario Bros 2’s ‘one million coins’ goal?  A balancing act to counter how overpowered he likely is due to the fact he generates coins with every single swing of his golf club?  You decide.

Next up, some pictures of the courses.  Or additional ones, either way…

dlccourse1 dlccourse2 dlccourse3 dlccourse4 dlccourse5 dlccourse6

As you can see, they’ve all got unique titles and interesting icons, it’s just unfortunate that these screenshots happen to be in Japanese and so we can’t read them.  Anyone got any ideas what these courses are called based on that Japanese text?

Finally, some more pictures of the characters. Toadette:

toadettedlc2 toadettedlc1


nabbitdlc1 nabbitdlc2


rosalinadlc1 rosalinadlc2

And Gold Mario:

goldmario1 goldmario2

All in all, the game looks pretty nice, at least from these pictures.  Just a minor shame we got Gold Mario instead of say, King Boo or Professor E Gadd or Fawful or something similar.  Ah well.

What do you think of the DLC courses and characters based on the screens above?


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What if Nintendo is planning for more DLC in the future for the game. I think E Gadd would be an awesome character.

Michael Ocampo

I think Gold Mario’s Coin shot is just an item that he gets, not his regular shot.


Gold Mario is just terrible to see. Ugh.

Since you asked about the Japanese course names, the screenshots you posted in order are labeled:
-Toad Land
-Koopa Park
-Dessert Desert (not actually a pun in Japanese, surprisingly.)
-Mint Archipelago (also a pun on sugar)
-Rock Range (as in mountain range)
-Mario Star

There ya go!


Fawful will never join a Mario Spin-off, people need to realize that he is just for the M&L RPG series