Mario & Luigi Paper Jam; All Bosses

With Mario & Luigi Paper Jam being released today and videos of the final boss starting to become common on Youtube, you might be wondering who the rest of the bosses are in the game.  Are the Koopalings all battled in a row, like in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga?  Is there a special secret boss from one of the RPG games, like people on certain forums have been predicting?  Is every boss in the game from an existing Mario title?

Well, no, no and yes respectively, but either way, here’s the full collection of bosses thanks to Youtube users Prosafia Gaming and Zephiel810. There are a few spoilers here given the type of game that Paper Jam is, but it’s not that bad overall.

And for the sake of being complete, the papercraft bosses:

Can’t watch the videos?  Here’s a list in text format.

  • Petey Piranha
  • Papercraft Megacrinkle Goomba
  • Big Pokey and Tower Power Pokey
  • Papercraft Kamek
  • Roy and Wendy Koopa
  • Paper Petey Piranha
  • Wiggler
  • Papercraft Bowser Jr
  • Chargin’ Chucks
  • Ludwig and Larry Koopa
  • Papercraft King Boo
  • Bowser Jr and Paper Bowser Jr
  • King Boo
  • Big Bob-omb
  • Papercraft Bowser
  • Kamek and Paper Kamek
  • Roy and Wendy Koopa v2
  • Ludwig and Larry Koopa v2
  • Bowser and Paper Bowser
  • Shiny Robo Bowser (final boss)
  • Dry Bowser (secret boss)

So what can we say here?  Well to be honest… it’s not an impressive list of enemies.  Oh sure, it’s better than Sticker Star’s enemy list (because the Koopalings are here and a few bosses from games like Super Mario 64 make a comeback), but compared to the amazingly creative casts of the previous Mario & Luigi games (the likes of which including live soda, robot bins and an avian equivalent to God), it’s just so dull and uninspired.

The battles themselves are well done, but that doesn’t really seem to make up for how utterly lacking in new characters the game is, and it all makes us wish Miyamoto would just step down and leave the Mario series to other people already. The RPGs were fine as they were, and they really didn’t need any more ‘integration’ with the main Mario series and its New Super Mario Bros esque designs.

But what do you think about the bosses in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam?  Do you like them, or do you think the choices were simply too safe for a Mario RPG?


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