Marin Confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends!

As many fans of Hyrule Warriors know, Nintendo is releasing four special DLC packs for the game, most of which come with a new character. One of these packs will be based on the Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening, and will feature characters and elements from Link’s first ever Game Boy adventure.

And now, thanks to a discussion panel they held about Hyrule Warriors Legends yesterday, we know just what new character will be added in said DLC pack! Yes, it’s Marin, the love interest and main NPC in the Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening! Here’s Nintendo’s tweet about it, with some art showing Marin’s design in this game:

So how will she work as a new playable character? Well, isn’t that the million dollar question! In the original game there was a Chain Chomp called BowWow, so people have been thinking that it could be used as an item or attack for Marin in this game. But no, that’s already one of Link’s special attacks, as shown here:

Hyrule Warriors Chain Chomp

Above: Link’s smile looks kind of disturbing in that image.

Other amusing suggestions including the possibility of summoning the Windfish to attack all the enemies on the battlefield, dropping a Yoshi doll on them via an oversized claw game or using the music instruments for some reason or another.

Either way, she’s going to be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends, and presumably have an interesting moveset based on her original appearance.


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Link 70222
5 years ago

I'm super excited for Marin. She's a cool character and it's cool seeing her again. She might have magic abilities like Agitha, but without bugs.

5 years ago

I am very happy about this. Marin is a beloved character for me.

It will be cool to see her again.