March 2016 Nintendo Direct; Liveblog

Well, we couldn’t ignore this, could we? Either way, we’ll be posting all the latest updates for the Nintendo Direct below, and you can watch it live via the video here (for US viewers):

Or the below links (Japanese and European viewers):

European Nintendo Direct Stream

Japanese Nintendo Direct Stream


So that was something. Paper Mario looks disappointing, the new Kirby game looks decent, Medli in Hyrule Warriors seems quite cool and Star Fox Zero and Metroid Prime Federation Force... look just like Star Fox Zero and Metroid Prime Federation Force. Yay?

Kirby Amiibos now. Yay?

Oh god, more Amiibo.

Comes with Team Kirby Clash, which lets you fight bosses as a four player team. And it has RPG elements, with a level up system.

Kirby with powered armour? Oh god, that's hilarious.

New Kirby game, with enemies who mechanised Dreamland.

Rhythm Heaven? WarioWare stuff now?

Rhythm Heaven? WarioWare stuff now?

Rhythmn Heaven Megamix.

Well, it looks a bit better. Maybe they scrapped the silly sport part now?

Samus does appear in the story, which is ok.

Oh god, Metroid Prime Federation Force now. Who cares?

Monster Hunter Generations features armour based on Marth from Fire Emblem. Okay, but uninteresting.

Monster Hunter Generations is what was known as Monster Hunter Cross. Seems like the leak was right.

Monster Hunter Generations is what was known as Monster Hunter Cross. Seems like the leak was right.

Dragon Quest 7 has been remade for Nintendo 3DS. Which is good, I guess.

Bravely Second stuff now. Again, after the localisation work done to it, they'll have a hard job selling this game to anyone.

Disney Art Academy next. Yay?

Medli is a new playable character! Freaking awesome, and she's a free download!

Wii U owners can transfer characters from the 3DS game to the Wii U one.

Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC. Season pack gives you extra stuff apparently.

More maps are being released as DLC too, which is pretty cool I guess.

Oh boy, Fire Emblem Fates Relevations is coming now. Did they localise it well or badly? Do we want to know?

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 seems decent.

Horse racing + solitare... really? Seems so arbitary...

Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, F-Zero? Damn, thats cruel to old Nintendo 3DS owners.

Yeah, SNES games on 3DS Virtual Console... only New Nintendo 3DS only. Why?

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. Not saying much here.

Coming March 26th. Will be available to download April 28th.

Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge also coming in March.

Rewards you in a variety of ways and all that stuff. No details given.

My Nintendo coming this month.

Talk of Twilight Princess HD now. Seems cool, but we already know all about this game now.

Oh god, Shadow Mewtwo is an early adopter bonus. Great.

Pokken Tournament now.

Looks okay, though worryingly close to Sticker Star.

With paint hammer to bring things back!

Paper Mario Colour Splash! On Prism island!

New Paper Mario!

It looks pretty fun, though I'm not sure how well it'll work with the trollish people online. Beta exists though.

Lost Reavers update now.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions looks ok.

Update will be available March 9th.

With new costumes for beating it. Oh christ, this will be a pain.

Oh god, Super Expert mode is new too.

Super Mario World Skewers appear, and locked doors have been added! Mandatory boss battles possible! And pink coins can be collected to make a key appear!

New update for Mario Maker!

It'll be coming June 24th 2016.

Looks okay enough I guess.

Mario & Sonic now.

Not much to see apparently.

Splatoon update coming soon.

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will come as part of a set. Will both launch April 22nd 2016.

Oh god, it's defending Slippy's uncle from enemies. With various cameras showing different views, and it has 100 missions. Yay?

Project Guard is now Star Fox Guard.

Oh God, Amiibo time. Unlocks stuff like classic SNES Arwing.

Venom and Andross confirmed for the game, along with a 2 player mode.

Fortuna is a stage in this game, with some large enemies and bioweapons. Lots of alternate paths in the maps too!

It's begun! Star Fox Zero is first!

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4 years ago

Kirby in a robot suit, good grief. I need to see more on the paper mario game before passing judgement.