Man Arrested in Japan for Stealing Pokemon 3DS XL

And not from a large store or anything either.  Nope, this 32 year old guy in Japan was arrested for stealing a rare Pokemon edition 3DS XL from a ten year old kid in the city of Nishinomiya, near Kobe in Japan.

He was caught because he tried to pawn off the console and five games (that were stolen with it) at a used game shop, which was close enough to the victim’s house that one of his friends spotted the system in the store.  The warranty was used to confirm that the console was indeed the stolen one, and the suspect owned up shortly afterwards.

Either way, that’s quite a shocking story in some ways.  I mean, it’s bad enough the 3DS was stolen in itself, but to take it from a ten year old?

You must be pretty morally bankrupt to even consider that kind of idea or crime.  Still, luckily the 3DS XL was returned before it could be sold to an unsuspected shopper, and the thief is now indeed in police custody.  So let’s hope no other 3DS fans in the region have anything like this happen to them in future.



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