Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon; Screenshots and Art Galore!

Yes, Luigi’s Mansion 2 now has an official title, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon!  And along with this come a whole host of fantastic screenshots and pieces of artwork showing all kinds of neat stuff!  Have a look:

The creepy new logo for the game.  Have to say, this looks much, much better than the logo used for the original Gamecube game, and it gives a real haunted mansion vibe.

Luigi’s surrounded by all the ghosts.  Aw, ghost puppy!  Then again, the other ghosts look like they’re practically murderous, and want Luigi’s head stuck on the wall.  They seem to be picking up weapons now!

Luigi is terrified out of his wits!

Not much to say here, we’ve seen it before.

Luigi carefully opens the door.  Why do I have this feeling he was stupid to take up ghost hunting as a career move?

Ghosts don’t mind the cold apparently, at least one haunted house will be in the middle of winter with snowmen and ice themed ghosts everywhere!

Luigi in an ominous graveyard.  Why do haunted houses have graveyards on their front lawn anyway?  Does someone really like cemetaries enough to want to build a house next to one?

More cold.

Luigi runs from trouble like only he knows how…

Ghosts play ice hockey now?  Is this because the company who made the game is canadian or something?

Oh crap, ghosts are now armed with frying pans and wear pots on their head as armour!  Wait, is this Mario RPG or Plants vs Zombies?

A haunted bathroom.  Oh that must suck.

What the hell?  Is that a ghost dog?  Did Yoshi finally shoot Poochie from Yoshi’s Island after losing too many times on Poochy Ain’t Stupid?  Or did the Duck Hunt dog mock his last?

This hallway again!

Luigi captures another struggling ghost!

Apparently, here’s what the press release says:

  • Luigi uses the Poltergust 5000
  • He must complete missions set out by Professor E Gadd
  • Each area filled with unique puzzles and gimmicks
  • Coming Holiday 2012 for 40 dollars

Yeah, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is looking like an amazing game, don’t you think?  Here’s hoping for even more footage tomorrow evening!


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