Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon; New Screens and Art!

Complete with the first ever official art of the ghosts you’ll be facing!  Thankfully though, these spirits are as interesting a batch of foes as King Boo’s minions were in the first, and at least have the same amount of charm as the non portrait ghosts in said game.  Here’s the new artwork:

Luigi's Mansion Green Ghost


Red Ghost



Now all we need is to hope the bosses and portrait ghosts have designs with the same quality as those normal ghosts, then Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon will have great enemy designs.

There’s also some artwork of Luigi himself complete with the Poltergust:


Luigi and Toad

And here we have two screaming cowards for the price of one, since I guess Toad’s as big a wuss as Luigi is.

Luigi vacuum

Coward Luigi



At least in this day and age with all that dull New Super Mario Bros official art, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon at least tries something interesting and keeps the charm in its artwork.  What do you think of all this official art of the game?  Does it make you want it even more?



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