Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon; More Footage!

Wow, this was a surprise!  Today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct video included some new footage of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon complete with our first look at some of the mansions not visitable at recent events!

Here’s the new ‘trailer’:

The first interesting new addition you’ll notice is a new mansion, presumably one themed around plants.  Here, you’ll have to dodge giant Venus Fly Trap style monsters as you venture through it’s halls and ride what seems to be a balloon up to a higher level of the house.

You’ll also see the first image of an actual Boo in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.  They seem to be a bit more cartoony than they were in the first game, but act much the same way:

And if you wanted to see more of the mummy enemy from the E3 trailer, you’ve got your wish now.  Here’s a screen showing the mummy enemies fighting Luigi alongside the standard ghosts of the desert style mansion:

All I can say about this game is that I definitely want it right now.  I mean, the mansion designs look really creative and nothing like the one in the original game, the enemies look a lot more interesting than I thought and the music is sounding catchy already.  Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon will be out very early next year.