Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is Nintendo Network Compatible?

Look at this newly revealed box art for the game.  Do you notice anything interesting about it, like the logo in the top right corner?


Yep, that’s the Nintendo Network logo right there, the thing used to symbolise when a game has online functionality like multiplayer or downloadable content.  Mario Kart 7 has it, Mario Tennis Open has it and New Super Mario Bros 2 has it.  But why does Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon also have it?

I don’t recall hearing about any form of multiplayer in this title, so what’s the deal?  Is Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon going to turn out to have downloadable content like New Super Mario Bros 2, perhaps in the form of additional mansions or missions?  How about an online scoreboard where your treasure collecting records are compared against those of players all across the world?

Maybe it’s even a hint that the multiplayer thing that was originally listed on Nintendo of Europe’s listing for the game wasn’t a mistake after all and was removed to keep an important feature secret.  Talking of Europe, it’s not something only found on the American box art either, the European one has it too:

Luigi's Mansion 2 box

So what’s Nintendo planning with Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Nintendo Network?  The 3DS doesn’t exactly have anything like Miiverse yet, so that’s likely out of the question.  Is this the first sign that Nintendo plans to sell DLC for this game or include some form of online multiplayer?

What do you think the Nintendo Network logo on the Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon box means?


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8 years ago

It would be awesome if it was an online co-op, and you could choose between Luigi or Waluigi!