Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon; A Plethora of New Info!

Are you ready for this?  Because if you thought the mere existance of a multiplayer mode in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon was awesome enough already, some of this stuff should take your already high existing level of hype and more than triple it, because darn it’s awesome.  First up, lots of new info about the Hunter/co-op multiplayer mode:

  • It has local, online and download multiplayer functionality.  Same mode regardless of who you’re playing against or how you’re playing it.
  • It can also be played alone, if you don’t have any friends or don’t want to play online.
  • You navigate floors of a giant tower filled with ghosts of all kinds.
  • Bosses are included.  So the bosses you fight in the main game will probably make a return here and you can fight them in teams.
  • You can play through anything from 5 to even INFINITE floors…
  • Get treasure, red coins and bonuses as you progress through each floor.
  • Time limit for each floor, and if it runs out you lose.
  • Floor layouts and enemy types and placements are entirely random, so you’ve theoretically got infinite ghost hunting fun ahead.
  • You can revive fallen friends by finding them and pressing a button nearby.
  • Individuals are judged and get awards based on performance.  If you catch few/no ghosts, you get the ‘mostly harmless’ award.
  • Find keys to open locked doors in some areas.
  • Ghosts can prank you, put pot on your head to change how you walk or mess up your controls.
  • Some curses can be passed to other players by touching them.
  • Cry for help when fallen with the D Pad.

You know, this reminds me a lot of Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies mode or the Horde mode from Gears of War.  Not a bad thing though, I thought the former was one of the most entertaining parts, so to have a Luigi’s Mansion variant sounds like one of the best things ever.  And infinite floor tower climbs where you have to take out spooks sounds like one of the best additions ever made to the Luigi’s Mansion series if you ask me.

There’s also a few new screens of the mode here:

Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 1 Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 2 Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 3 Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 4 Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 5 Luigis Mansion 2 multiplayer 6 LuigisMansion2multiplayer8 LuigisMansion2multiplayer9

Additionally, we also have some new information about the game’s single player mode.  Here it is:

Stage 6 is Gloomy Mansion, which has the giant spider shown in an early trailer as the boss.  The battle is supposedly also puzzle based (what Luigi’s Mansion boss battles aren’t?) and involves lighting the spiders web on fire via different means.

It’s not as interesting as the new multiplayer mode, but you have to admit it sounds fantastic regardless.  Giant spider as a boss?  That’s pretty clever.  And the multiple ways of damaging the boss make it sound like a far more entertaining battle than any from the first game.

Luigi's Mansion 2 Spider Boss 2 Luigi's Mansion 2 Spider Boss

Additionally, it also confirms there are more than six mansions in the game.  That’s nice to know, especially as it seems to make it very clear that this will not in any way be as short as the original game and will probably have many, many hours of playtime to boot.

All in all, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is shaping up to be an absolutely fantastic game, and the announcement of this new multiplayer mode and the details regarding it make it sound even better.  It’s definitely going to be a day one purchase when March 2013 comes around.


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