Luigi’s Mansion 2 Uses Four Luigis Because of Download Play Limits

Ever wonder why the multiplayer mode in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon uses four Luigi clones instead of different characters like Mario, Peach and Toad?  Well according to Next Level Games themselves, it’s because of limits with how download play works as a system:

Bryce Holliday:

The reason why there are four Luigis in the game instead of four different characters was because we really wanted that in-the-same-room multiplayer to be the main focus, and we realized that not everybody owns the game, or brings the game at the right time when they meet somebody with a 3DS. There is a download limit of 32 MB, for the download play system that exists on the operating system, so we had to work within that smaller confine, and therefore the texture and model data for a Mario, and a Toad and a Peach just wouldn’t fit in that space. By being limited we actually had to innovate, and do randomly generating maps, use four Luigis, and use the upgrade system from the single player game to really flesh out that experience, because it was planned as a kind of viral thing like, “hey, play this, let’s sit down and play it” and we just had to work within that scope.

I don’t blame them for this decision at all.  Indeed, would you seriously rather there wasn’t download play just to have more varied characters to play as?  I know I wouldn’t.

The other things they changed to fit download play seem reasonable as well.  Randomly generated maps for instance is actually a great idea in general, and one very much lacking from Nintendo’s multiplayer games.  It’s much better to have a near infinite number of possible floor and rooms layouts than have it limited just to be clever.

And the upgrade system seems like it works well in the ScareScraper.

So there you have it, the use of four Luigi as characters was to make download play possible with the limited amount of memory the 3DS has for the feature.  That’s got to be fairer than ‘we didn’t include playable Peach in New Super Mario Bros because her dress would be hard to animate’, right?


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