Luigi’s Mansion 2 TV Commercial (European edition)

It’s neither a live action piece like the US TV commercial nor a babbling lunatic going on about the game like the Japanese one, but it’s a very nice commercial regardless.  It shows Luigi as being an absolutely terrified wreck and sneaking around the mansions in a constant state of fear.  It has him going ‘oh no, not again’ when the ghosts turn evil and its revealed that it’s he who has to clear them out of all the haunted mansions, and it has him literally jumping fifty feet in the air backwards whenever a ghost comes out.

Here’s the video:

Looks good I’d say.  Indeed, I don’t think a single Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon commercial has really been terrible when you think about it.  The live action one was effective and well done, the Japanese one was basically carried by the crazed narrator and the European one is a highly effective trailer for the game that captures the mood perfectly.

So what do you think about this new Luigi’s Mansion 2 commercial?