Luigi’s Mansion 2 Midi; What Dark Moon Could have sounded like in the 90s

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon has some nice music.  But what would it have been like if the game was made about 20 years earlier and had to use MIDI songs, like a SNES game?  Pretty good apparently, at least if these great MIDI versions of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon songs are any indication:

There’s obviously not much music that’s been converted to this format (it’s early days yet), but it does sound like the game would have still had a great soundtrack even back in the olden days of gaming. More so if they used high quality samples taken from the current 3DS title (even though that’s currently impossible to do).

So what do you think of these Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon midis?  Does it sort of make you wish to see what a similar game would have been like in 2D?


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