Luigi Meets the Three Ghosts of Haunted Towers (Dark Moon spoilers inside)!

If you’ve been reading the various articles and wiki pages about Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon recently, you may remember the footage of a ‘gardener’ ghost in the second mansion of the game (Haunted Towers).  Well it seems like there’s not only one of those ghosts acting as a mini bosses there…

Oh yes, as Game Explain shows in their video above, it seems like we could end up with a battle against three boss ghost level ghosts at once, all of which come out the ground and take Luigi by surprise mid room!  The whole idea and setup is actually kind of neat really, these characters certainly seem to have some of the personality the portrait ghosts of the original game did, don’t they?

Three sisters (gardening ghosts)

So, I wonder how this boss battle is gonna work out…  Will Luigi have to team up with Toad to take them all down?  And is it true that every mansion in the game seems to have a more… personable ghost as its mini boss?