Lots more Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Footage!

Excited for the game and want to see more of it?  Well it seems like you’re in luck, we not only  now have the first 85 minutes of game footage (uploaded by Youtube user Nintendomination), but also footage of things like all the possible endings. First of all, here’s the first 85 minutes of the game:

Above: Video by NiNTENDOMiNATi0N on Youtube.

Next up, here’s some footage of the game’s various endings.  Yes there are massive spoilers beyond this point, so don’t watch any of these videos if you don’t want to see how the story unfolds.  And yes, the person who recorded this (terryforever84 on Youtube) used a standard camera rather than any kind of capture card or screen recording equipment, so the quality isn’t exactly great. Either way, here are the game’s endings:

Simon Ending

Trevor Ending

Alucard Ending

Secret 100% completion ending

Hope you enjoyed the videos, that’s lots of footage that isn’t exactly easy to find online.

P.S. Please do not complain about the ending videos and spoilers.  I mentioned it twice in the post already, so it’s kind of your own fault if you didn’t bother to read and ended up having the game spoilt for you.



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