Link Between Worlds and Luigi’s Mansion 2 Bundles Getting US Release

Thanks to a GameStop slip up, a flyer for their upcoming Black Friday shopping event has been leaked online.  And guess what?  It confirms that the special Link Between Worlds 3DS/bundle will be released in the US, along with a slightly less interesting one for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon!

It’s not all good news though.  Remember that Year of Luigi 3DS?  That hasn’t been confirmed as something that’s getting a North American release. This is a bit of a shame given that the Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon bundle would probably go quite well it (said bundle only has a plain blue 3DS instead), but I guess you can’t win them all.  Here’s a picture showing the flyer with the new 3DS bundles advertised on it:

Zelda and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 3DS Bundles

So that’s now another set of 3DS bundles/designs confirmed for the US.  If you don’t have a 3DS yet and plan to get one soon (and don’t like Pokemon for whatever reason), buy one of the above and enjoy the great game included with your purchase!


GameStop ad reveals Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Link Between Worlds Bundles coming to North America – My Nintendo News


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