Legend of Zelda 3DS Might be Black Friday Exclusive?

For you guys in America anyway, the source given says nothing about how GAME might sell it over here in the UK.  Still, according to someone on Twitter and i HeartNintendo, GameStop will only be offering the special Zelda 3DS on Black Friday on a first come first serve basis with no pre-orders.  Read on to see the Tweet in question and my thoughts on the matter…

Black friday exclusive 3DS

Or if you don’t believe the picture is that of a real Twitter post, here’s the actual Tweet shown in it:

Personally, I’m not sure I’m convinced. For starters, the whole ‘my buddy at Gamestop says’ routine has kind of been done to death in hoaxes and rumours, with said comments being seen as about as non reliable as ones saying that ‘my uncle works at Nintendo and says so and so’. And the whole idea of only offering it on Black Friday without any pre-orders seems like the kind of bad move that I doubt Gamestop would make, since the 3DS is in enough demand that said system would sell quite well throughout the entirety of November and December 2013.

So I’m skeptical. But I guess if it does happen, you heard it here first people.




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