Lady Layton; The Millionaire King’s Plot Announced!

Yesterday, we posted about some trademarks Level-5 had registered. Interestingly, one of these was for something called ‘Lady Layton’.

And now we know what it is! Turns out that Lady Layton is a sequel series to the Professor Layton games. Starring Layton’s daughter Catoleil and set in the far future, it promises to introduce a new cast of friends and foes in another set of puzzle adventure games!

So here’s the new trailer. Here is our first look at Lady Layton:

As you can see, it’s pretty much what you’d expect. New puzzles, a London setting, a talking basset hound… okay, maybe that last one is new. But yeah, seems like the game Layton fans were after.

Lady Layton is being released in Japan in Spring 2017.


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I've never play a Professor Layton game, but I want to. Maybe I'll try this? I don't know.


I'm sure I've seen a game about Layton's daughter in the google app-store already