Kingdom Hearts 3D already gets patched?

It’s only out in Japan so far, but Square Enix have already released a patch meant to fix various bugs and other issues with the game.

It updates the game to version 1.1, just like Mario Kart 7’s patch did.

Here’s the QR code and stuff, for the few Japanese gamers and people who imported the game:

Unfortunately the patch is nowhere as easy to find as the Mario Kart 7 one Nintendo released, being apparently hidden so deeply in the eStore that it’s easier to scan a QR code (provided below) to reach it rather than trying to manually locate it.

Also, because I was completely bored and needed something to do, I tried to scan the QR code from the official Japanese website.  It surprisingly detected the thing even though I was using an English 3DS console, but gave this error message:

Error Code: 007-3101

This software is not currently available

Still, it’s there for any Japanese gamers who currently own Kingdom Hearts 3D and want to update it, although I’m a bit wary of how quickly this patch came out, since it seems to make me fear third parties are going to be abusing the functionality like they are on they are on the other consoles available at the moment (aka releasing games with problems and relying on patches to fix them afterwards)


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